1950年代後半、鵠沼でガチャと呼ばれた少年たちが通っていた湘南学園に、一人の体育教師が赴任する。 1932年ロサンジェルス
オリンピック 800mリレーで、日本に金メダルをもたらした豊田久吉である。小中学生のガチャ達は、海で豊田からフリースタイル泳法を教わることとなる。佐賀光三は、当時を振り返って語っている ”彼はすらっと背が高く、とにかく流れるような綺麗な泳ぎをする人だった。それが後のパドルに凄く役にたった”と。

In the late 50s the new p.e. teacher was assigned to the Shonan Gakuen, where Kugenuma young people called Gatcha were attending. The new teacher – Hisakichi Toyoda was a swimmer who won the gold medal at 800 m relay event at Los Angeles olympics in 1932. Toyoda taught Gatcha kids how to freestyle swimming at the ocean. Saga Mitsuzo talks about him – “He was very tall and he swimmed in really beautiful manner. That was really useful in paddling.”

Later in 1960, there was a place, where everyone was gathering, called Maikoso in Kugenuma. At that time, student of Keio University and Rikkyo University played touch football at the sea, and when there was a wave, they enjoyed using rectangular shipboards to ride a wave.

A shocking thing happened in July of 1961. A foreign resembling Glenn Ford holding a surfboard, appeared in front of the Gacha. People watched him standing on the board, and having fun of riding a wave. That was an encounter of the world that has never existed before in this area.