ボブディランの”Blowin’ In The Wind”がリリースされた1963年5月ひとりの日系人がHobbieのサーフボードを片手に持って羽田空港におりた。彼の名前はタックカワハラ。
数々の苦難を乗り越え、夢をかなえ誕生したのが、Malibu Surfboardだった。


It was in May of 1963, when Bob Dylan’s “Blowing in the wind” was released, that one Japanese American guy with a Hobbie surfboard in one hand set foot on the ground at the Haneda airport. His name is Tak Kawahara.

He had sent a letter of proposal to Yonezawa Ichibei who envisioning that surfing would enchant Japanese youth accepted Tak’s offer, and resolved to invest in its future at the time when virtually no one knew what surfing was. 

A few years later the Malibu Surfboard was born from the various hardships these two had gone through.

Yonezawa Ichibei had never ridden surf nor made a surfboard. He never had the joy of surfing himself. But he decided to work with Tak Kawahara who would realize his dream of making surfboards of his brand. We Japanese surfers should remember and never forget the names of these two. For they are the very ones who produced and familiarized the first authentic surfboards in Japan with American technologies.

This documentary film looks back the earliest days of surfing in Japan, and hopefully will make ourselves see the present. Beaches and people will never be the same. The surfs and the boards on which you ride the surf change day by day, year by year. But the simplicity of riding the surf never changes. It would be great if you find out hints to live the present in the dream that those two souls, different from each other both in age and nationality, pictured of the sport of the surf.